Evolutionary Biology Lab

Evolution & Ecology Research Centre and School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New South Wales


Russell Bonduriansky

Professor, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Director of Higher Degree Research

Deputy Director, Evolution & Ecology Research Centre

Academic Bio   

Undergraduate Teaching           

Higher Degree Research Students


Soleille Miller

PhD Candidate

Project: Genomics of facultatively parthenogenetic metapopulations

Daniela Wilner

PhD Candidate

Project: Sexual coevolution in facultatively parthenogenetic animals

Jigmidmaa Boldbaatar

PhD Candidate

Project: How do insect populations cope with environmental stresses?

Caitlin Creak

PhD Candidate

Project: Ecology and behaviour of funnel-web spiders

Vicky Ying

PhD Candidae

Project: Costs and benefits of sexual reproduction

Honours Students


Martin O'Dwyer

Honours Candidae

Project: Effects of social interactions on ageing and lifespan

Undergraduate Project


Shay Hirani

Project: Sexually selected sensory structures

Postdoctoral fellows

Zachariah Wylde



Felix Zajitschek


Angela Crean


Lara Hallsson

Current occupation: Senior Scientist, UMIT

Claudia Fricke

Current occupation: Faculty, University of Munster

Ana Oliveira Vasconcelos

PhD 2024

Project: Environmental effects in the evolution of developmentally plastic traits

Jigmidmaa Boldbaatar

Masters, 2022

Project: Ecology and behaviour of Australian stick insects

Zachariah Wylde

PhD, 2020

Project: Environmental effects on sperm competition and sexual signaling


Erin Macartney

PhD, 2020

Masters, 2015

Project: Paternal effects as condition-dependent life history traits


Nathan Burke

PhD, 2019

Honours, 2013

Project: Facultative parthenogenesis and the evolution of sex


Amy Hooper

PhD, 2018

Project: The evolution of condition-dependent life history: from morphology to lifespan


Ronda Lau

Masters, 2016

Project: The role of amino acids and vitamins in development

Margo Adler

PhD, 2013

Project: Making the best of what you've got: The role of trade-offs in ageing, resource allocation, and interactions of the sexes

Beaker Street science outreach program

Elizabeth Cassidy

Masters, 2013

Project: Morphological variation and diversification in Australian neriid flies

Present occupation: Research assistant, Monash University

Luis Cayetano

Masters, 2010

Project: Evolution of insect genitalia

Udani Chandrasoma

Masters, 2010

Joint supervisor: Rob Brooks

Project: Diet, fat accumulation and fitness in the black field cricket, Teleogryllus commodus.

Kristin Hubakk

Honours 2023

Project: Environmental variation and sexual competition

Vicky Ying

Honours 2023

Project: Chemical signaling in phasmids

Kumudika Gunaratne

Honours, 2015

Project: Winner/Loser effects on reproductive performance

Claire Santhaseelan

Honours, 2015

Project: Maternal effects in parthenogenetic chironomids

Chris Allister

Honours 2013

Project: Dietary ecology of neriid flies

Oscar (Long) Lee

Honours, 2013

Project: Plasticity in bruchid beetles

Aidan Runagall-McNaull

Honours, 2013

Project: The ecology of paternal effects in neriid flies

Eleanor Bath

Honours, 2011

Project: Asymmetric reproductive isolation and interference in neriid flies: the roles of genital morphology and behaviour

Alexander Sentinella

Honours, 2011

Project: Larval nutritional geometry in Telostylinus angusticollis

Hawa Othman

Honours, 2009

Project: The genetic basis of condition dependence and sexual dimorphism

Nori Kawasaki

Honours, 2006

Project: Comparison of ageing in the wild and captivity of the banana stalk fly (Telostylinus angusticollis)

Foteini Spagopoulou

Visiting student (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Teresa Maddison

Visiting student (University of Toronto, Canada)

Project: Sexual selection in neriid flies

Tsai-Ming Lu

Visiting student

Marco Telford

Visiting student

Project: Condition and somatic deterioration in flies

Judita ('Ditka') Jeran

Professional Practicum, 2009

Undergraduate Research Assistants and Volunteers

Tam-Chi Tran

Harper Baldwin Young

Pearl Lei

Sarah Zeigman

Emma Dawson-Glass

Alexander Ingall

Christine Gui

Liam Shaw