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Professor Russell Bonduriansky

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Current Higher Degree Research Students



Nathan Burke

PhD Candidate

Project: Facultative parthenogenesis and the evolution of sex


Erin Macartney

PhD Candidate

Project: Paternal effects as condition-dependent life history traits


Amy Hooper

PhD Candidate

Project: Secondary sexual traits, life history and ageing


Aidan Runagall-McNaull

PhD Candidate (on leave)

Project: Paternal effects in natural populations


Zachariah Wylde

PhD Candidate

Project: Environmental effects on sperm competition and fertilization


Current Visiting Students



Foteini Spagopoulou

PhD Candidate, Uppsala University, Sweden

Project: Stress and parental effects





Postdoctoral fellows


Dr Angela Crean

DECRA postdoctoral research fellow


Dr Margo Adler

Postdoctoral research fellow

Email: margo.adler(-AT-)gmail.com



Lára Hallsson

Postdoctoral research fellow (2012-2013)


Claudia Fricke

Visiting postdoctoral research fellow (2009-2010)

Current occupation: Faculty, University of Münster

Higher Degree Research Students


Ronda Lau

Masters Candidate

Project: The role of amino acids and vitamins in development


Erin Macartney

MSc, 2015

Project: Effects of environment on sperm morphology and performance


Margo Adler

PhD, 2013

Project: Making the best of what you've got: The role of trade-offs in ageing, resource allocation, and interactions of the sexes

Present occupation: :Postdoctoral fellow, University of Toronto

Elizabeth Cassidy

Masters, 2013

Project: Morphological variation and diversification in Australian neriid flies

Present occupation: Research assistant, Monash University


Luis Cayetano

Masters, 2010

Project: Evolution of insect genitalia

Current occupation: Postdoctoral fellow, University of California at Berkeley

Udani Chandrasoma

Masters, 2010

Joint supervisor: Rob Brooks

Project: Diet, fat accumulation and fitness in the black field cricket, Teleogryllus commodus.

Current occupation: PhD studies (Macquarie University)

Honours Students


Kumudika Gunaratne

Honours, 2015

Project: Winner/Loser effects on reproductive performance


Claire Santhaseelan

Honours, 2015

Project: Maternal effects in parthenogenetic chironomids


Chris Allister

Honours 2013

Project: Dietary ecology of neriid flies


Nathan Burke

Honours 2013

Project: Facultative sexuality in stick insects


Oscar (Long) Lee

Honours 2013

Project: Plasticity in bruchid beetles


Aidan Runagall-McNaull

Honours 2013

Project: The ecology of paternal effects in neriid flies


Eleanor Bath

Honours, 2011

Project: Asymmetric reproductive isolation and interference in neriid flies: the roles of genital morphology and behaviour

Present occupation: Rhodes scholar and PhD candidate, Oxford University

Alexander Sentinella

Honours, 2011

Project: Larval nutritional geometry in Telostylinus angusticollis

Present occupation: Student Advisor, UNSW


Hawa Othman

Honours, 2009

Project: The genetic basis of condition dependence and sexual dimorphism

Current occupation: Graduate studies

Nori Kawasaki

Honours, 2006

Project: Comparison of ageing in the wild and captivity of the banana stalk fly (Telostylinus angusticollis)

Current occupation: PhD studies (Monash University)

Visiting Students


Teresa Maddison

University of Toronto, Canada

Project: Sexual selection in neriid flies


Tsai-Ming Lu

Visiting student/volunteer

Current occupation: PhD studies, Okinawa, Japan


Marco Telford

Visiting student

Project: Condition and somatic deterioration in flies

Current occupation: researcher, Barcelona, Spain



Judita ('Ditka') Jeran

Professional Practicum, 2009

Current occupation: researcher, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Visiting Academics


Associate Professor Liran Carmel

Sabbatical visitor from The Hebrew University, Israel (2016-2017)


Liran Carmel