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Nongenetic inheritance / parental effects


Bonduriansky, R. and Day, T. 2018. Extended Heredity: A New Understanding of Inheritance and Evolution. Princeton University Press.

In Extended Heredity, Bonduriansky and Day explain why the classic genocentric concept of heredity is overly narrow, and why an extended concept of heredity is necessitated by the basic features of cellular life. They review evidence for nongenetic inheritance, and show that phenomena that are “‘epigenetic’” in the strict sense are part of a much broader array of nongenetic inheritance mechanisms. They then illustrate how extended heredity can be incorporated into evolutionary theory, and use this framework to revisit some of the thorniest puzzles in evolutionary biology, showing how the insights provided by extended heredity can allow us to see these questions in a new light. Finally, they consider the implications of extended heredity for the practical concerns of human beings in a rapidly changing world.

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